About the Netherlands Scientific Climate Council

The Netherlands Scientific Climate Council was established formally in April 2023. The WKR is tasked with delivering science-based, strategic climate policy advice for the Dutch government and parliament, both solicited and unsolicited. The WKR works independently and interdisciplinary, and focuses its advices mainly on the long term.

The Council consists of 10 members coming from a variety of complementary scientific disciplines. These include ethics, environmental psychology, economics, atmospheric science, climatology, and public administration.

Being a council member is a part-time job, which is often combined with regular academic work and international (climate) research. Current members of the WKR are:

  • Jan Willem Erisman (chair)
  • Heleen de Coninck (vice chair)
  • Sanne Akerboom
  • Kornelis Blok
  • Marjolijn Haasnoot
  • Machiel Mulder
  • Wouter Peters
  • Wieke Pot
  • Linda Steg
  • Behnam Taebi

English site

On the English site you find brief information about the WKR in English.